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Jumat, 17 Oktober 2014

World War Z Review - Trailer

World War Z - This time I share about Movies World War Z, you might be curious about the world war z, the zombie movie, World War Z has a lot of zombies.

World War Z - there's there's fast zombies and slow zombies. There's cockney zombies and Nazi zombies; zombies in shopping malls and zombies in space.

What is World War Z lacks bite, the kind of bite that blood and gore fans look for. But we've swam through too many of that bloodbaths in Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland, 28 Days Later, etc.. What the Marc Forster-helmed thriller presents is a PG-13 bounded account of Gerry's heroics that has Die Hard undertones smattered all over it having to outrun human-hungry packs of undead the entire movie while piecing things together for possible antidote to the humanity-obliterating virus. Although anemic in blood splash, the movie offers hope from a seemingly hopeless war and the audience is rarely treated with surviving actors to play in zombie films these days.

Novel by Max Brooks, from which the film is based, clinical worded account yet creepy and creeping zombie pandemic through journalist point of view while Z is concentrated in the Great Panic part of the book.

World War Z Review - Trailer

Brad Pitt
David Morse
Marc Forster

World War Z
World War Z
Paul Schwake
Tim Headington
Dana Goldberg
Graham King
Jeremy Kleiner
Brad Pitt
Bradford Simpson
Ian Bryce
Jillian Kugler
Dede Gardner
David Ellison
Matthew Michael Carnahan
Damon Lindelof
Max Brooks
Roger Barton
Matt Chesse
Robert Richardson
Marco Beltrami

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